Welcome Bermuda lovers and adventurists

Please enjoy my Bermuda adventure novel. Even if you have never visited the fabulous paradise island, you will enjoy the adventure.


  • Ray jumps up. He feels an awful premonition. He  rushes inside, only to find the room unoccupied. Then he races to the  front desk, but at this late hour, no one is there. Without thinking, he  rushes back to his room and grabs the key to his scooter. In his haste,  he forgets his helmet. As if he is possessed, he runs through the  building and looks for Bronson, but there is not a soul to be found. His  heart is racing and he is filled with fear. He scrambles out the front  door, jumps on the scooter, and speeds off into the night. In what seems  to have taken only a few minutes, Ray has driven to the Coral Reefs  Hotel, on the south shore, a twenty minute ride. He hustles to the  oceanfront and climbs aboard a small dive boat which is moored there. To  his surprise the keys have been left in the ignition. He starts the  motor, unties the lines, and heads out into the black ocean. When past  the reefline, he opens up the throttle and speeds directly away from the  island. Within a few minutes he is almost three-quarters of a mile  offshore. He turns around and all he can see are tiny house lights from  the island. Within moments there is an enormous blinding flash. The  entire sky is illuminated with a blinding white light. Ray shuts his  eyes tightly. A second later, he opens them slightly. Within another  second, there is the deafening sound of an atomic blast. Immediately,  the white light turns red as an incredible mushroom cloud arises. Ray  stares in terror as the hideous cloud begins to rise thousands of feet  into the atmosphere. Then, immediately, there is a shock wave that  almost blows the boat out of the water. Ray is sent hurling into the  side of the boat and is knocked unconscious. After an undetermined  amount of time, Ray comes about. He is lying in a foot of cold ocean  water that has flooded the boat. Dripping wet and holding his bleeding  forehead, he carefully straightens up to get his senses. He notices that  dawn has broken into a dim light and the sea is calm again. When he  finally finds his bearings, he remembers the atomic blast. He freezes  for a moment. He stands erect and scans the ocean. The boat is floating  in a sea of debris. He spots cars, buses, boats, trees, beds, and just  about anything that can float. He grimaces as he sees the floating body  of a young woman, still in her nightgown. He sees other bodies drifting  among the flotsam. There doesn’t seem to be anyone left alive. He starts  to panic when he sees the dorsal fins of two sharks roaming through the  debris. He starts to hyperventilate when he realizes that he doesn’t  see the island itself. Then he figures that the nuclear blast undermined  the land mass from the top of its underwater platform and sent it  crumbling into the black abyss, twelve thousand feet below.
  • As the morning sky begins to brighten, Ray  notices that there must be some of the island left intact, because he  can see the top half of the Gibbs Hill Lighthouse, just over the  horizon. As the boat slowly drifts toward the lighthouse, Ray notices  that it is not beyond the horizon, but has been partly submerged by the  ocean. The soft land below it must have crumbled and Gibbs Hill was  flattened. Ray comes to the horrible realization that the entire island  paradise and its entire population are gone forever, like the fabled  story of Atlantis. And everything that took five hundred years to  establish is now nothing but rubble at the bottom of the Abyssal Plain.  All the people and all of their accomplishments are now just a small  page in a history book.

If you enjoyed the excerpt, you'll luv the book!