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Coco Reef Resort

Coco  Reef – Bermuda is the Island’s most talked about hotel. It re-opened in  2005

 after a $12.3 million renovation and re-construction project.

Our hotel is perfectly located on its own private beach in manicured gardens, 

just 10 minutes from Hamilton the capital city.

Our lobby and restaurant have won  international awards for innovative design, and we are equally proud of  our rooms, all of which without exception, have beautiful ocean views.

Bermuda Accommodations

We are a small booking company with 25 years of experience and expertise  on the beautiful island of Bermuda. Our listings offer the largest  collection of private home, cottage, apartment and BnB's on the island,  privately owned and operated by Bermudians. No matter where you travel  to, we believe staying with local homeowners is the best way to experience your destination, and it is our pleasure to make sure you get  the most out of your stay this way. Because we work exclusively in Bermuda, staffed by Bermudians, we are able to guide you to the best  accommodations for your holiday, and our homeowners will make sure you  discover all of Bermuda's sights and sounds. We are dedicated to our island and want to share it with you by improving your experience  through tending to our 

clients needs.

Byways Bermuda Tours

My tours revolve around my passion for the Island that I call home. I am bus driver and historical tour guide.  I have been studying the  history of my beautiful Island for 15 years now, and I am constantly nabbing and absorbing any new historical books that might come my way.  I like to think that my tours are forever evolving.

My bus only carries 10 persons and I like it like that. (please note  that I do fill the bus with 

10 people). My tours are relaxed, off the beaten track and full of history and stories. I travel from one end of  the Island to the other. There are many short stops along the way. 

Great for picture taking, and offered from a true historical sense as  opposed to 

tourist landmarks.

The tour is approximately 6 hours long.
The price is $100 per person and this includes lunch.

I do not request a deposit. I work on the honesty system. You book  the tour, and I pick you up. I trust that the honesty system works  both ways as well. If one has booked in for a certain amount of  persons, then on the morning of pick up, I would hope that everyone is  there. It is impossible for me to fill extra seats on the morning of  leaving.

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